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PythonByteSize: Python Program Design

John Philip Jones, creator of, provides a wonderful tutorial  that is ideal for individuals, students, and pupils who want to learn the Python programming language.  Nayah Solutions periodically features these free videos as a great way for our readers to learn Python.

For the next few posts, we’ll feature his videos on the basics of Python. We’ll start with Python Program Design.

This 13-minute video shows what a programmer should think about when designing a software program, not only in Python, but in any program language. You will learn that in basic program design, a programmer takes input data, stores some values about that data, and then manipulates that stored data to produce output data.




French writer Victor Hugo once said that perseverance is the secret of all triumphs. And perseverance is certainly a trait every entrepreneur should cultivate. Ask Robert Sofia, a financial industry marketing entrepreneur, about his views on perseverance.  After losing millions of dollars in his business ventures, Sofia feels he’s a better entrepreneur as he embarks to rebuild. Read more . . .

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Are entrepreneurs made or born?

Most of us are familiar with this debate: Are some people born with traits that make them naturally suited to be a successful entrepreneur? Or can anyone find entrepreneurial success with the right business knowledge?

There are many stories of entrepreneurs who had no formal business training— yet blazed a trail of success. They are incredibly creative and natural leaders. But what about those who don’t naturally have those traits? Can they learn passion or leadership?

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According to Nicole Fallon innate abilities might not be enough to guarantee success in business. Getting the right education can help immeasurably toward your business success. She reveals five tips experts suggest a person should consider when starting a business:

  • Evaluate your skills to identify gaps
  • Find a mentor
  • Learn to listen
  • Create good habits
  • Find the right resources

Let us know what you think. And read Nicole’s article at Business News Daily.

Nayah Solutions delivers entrepreneurial and IT skills training for small business

Nayah Solutions, through The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) and sponsorship from the United Nations Industry and Development Organization (UNIDO), delivered a five-day train-the-trainer course called Entrepreneurial and IT Skills for Small Business. The Zanzibar Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (ZNCCIA) will use this course to train small business owners in Zanzibar.

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The course introduces six essential business skills: Professionalism, Strategy, Communications, Marketing and Branding, Sales, and Finance. The course uses a hands-on, practical approach that students, regardless of any level, can use immediately to improve their business–even students with little or no formal education.

The main objectives of this training were to train the principal and backup trainers for the course, and to receive feedback from participants to fine tune the quality and design of the course content. To our delight participants were able to apply the lessons immediately to their unique business challenges–such as improving deficiencies in employee professionalism, writing effective emails and instructions, introducing their businesses in 30 seconds or less, and developing a marketing plan for one of the participants. In addition the participants provided invaluable input and feedback to customize the training for a Zanzibar audience. We are working now to incorporate that feedback. Upon completion of these revisions, ZNCCIA will offer the course in the next few weeks.

For Nayah Solutions, entrepreneurial and IT skills training for small business is a departure from the focus of mobile and web development training. Over the last few months, Nayah Solutions has seen a dire need to support the needs of an informal sector who develop small businesses, but lack the formal education and training to optimize their businesses and fully participate in the formal business sector.

During the next few weeks, Nayah Solutions will share more about our plans to embrace this sector. We are extremely excited on the impact we can make in emerging markets to help any audience learn practical and useful business and IT skills.