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Deepak Chopra Offers 7 Tips for Business Success

Renowned spiritual guru, Deepak Chopra offers advice on how to make your business dreams come true. He suggests 7 ideas to think about:

  1. Ask yourself, ‘Why do I want to be in business?’
  2. Define your vision for success.
  3. Think about who you want to work with and what you want to accomplish together.
  4. Detach yourself from the outcome.
  5. Create goals and establish timelines for achieving them.
  6. Know what it means to be disruptive and disrupt.
  7. See problems as opportunities.

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PythonByteSize: Python Assignment Statement

Python programming from John Phillip Jones @

In Python Assignment Statement, John shows how to assign a value to a variable by using an assignment statement.

my_variable = my_value is an assignment statement. The value of my_value is assigned as the value of my_variable.

In addition to introducing the assignment statement, John also shows you how to increase and decrease the value of a variable by one.

count = count + 1
count = count – 1


PythonByteSize: Python Variables and Data Types

Python programming from John Phillip Jones @

In Python Variables and Data Types, John uses animation to help you visualize how variables and data types work in Python.

Software programmers use variables to store information that a computer program can reference and manipulate. To illustrate variables, John explains random access memory in a computer. He shows how each memory location has an address that a program uses to access the locations containing the data. The name of a variable refers to the data stored in computer memory.

A data type indicates the type of data that a variable can hold. John highlights the following information about Python data types:
• Every program variable has a data type.
• Python data types are number, string, list, tuple, and dictionary.
• A data type shows the:

  • memory allocation for the data item.
  • possible range values for the data item.
  • way the program uses and processes the data item.

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PythonByteSize: Coding a Design in Python

Python programming from John Phillip Jones @

Coding a Design in Python follows up on the ideas from Python Program Design. In that video, John discussed the basics of software program design: a programmer takes input data, stores some values about that data, and then manipulates that stored data to produce output data.

In Coding a Design in Python, John uses the Python language to show basic software program design. He creates a simple program and uses Python syntax to show the input data and stored values. Then he adds behavior to those stored values to generate output data.